1893 Columbian Silver Half Dollar BU MS Monster Rainbow Color Toned Gem

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This is a Raw Ungraded 1893 Columbian Silver Half Dollar. This is a very beautiful coin with prominent colors of Blue, Purple, and Orange on the Obverse and the Reverse of the coin. This coin at this grade is not only a visually pleasing Columbian Silver Half Dollar but a welcome addition to any premium grade Columbian Silver Half Dollar collection.


Because this coin is ungraded and in a "Raw" state some of the facts below such as grade of the coin, validity of the toning being natural or artificial and book value of the coin are based on our opinion which again is based on the 25 years of experience dealing with coins like the one being offered here today.

Grading: Unlike the major grading companies when we offer our grade on a raw coin we only grade on the technical merit and do not grade on eye appeal. Eye appeal is as different from one person to another and can vary widely. I could never understand how anyone could consider eye appeal to be a grading factor for a final grade on a coin since a coin's beauty is in the eye of the beholder and varies from person to person. Technical grade, however, is a science rather than an emotional opinion. This conservative approach to the grading of the coin often results in the coin receiving a higher grade from the grading company then the grade applied to the coin by us.

Toning: The single biggest problem within the toned coin market is determining the origin of the toning itself. Toning is not always the result of natural chemical processes, and it is almost impossible to accurately determine if the toning is natural or artificial. There are various techniques that when done professionally can be used to artificially induce coloration on to a coin that produce results where the major grading companies will grade the coin as having natural toning. These coins may be Naturally Toned or Artificially Toned but are considered to have the characteristics necessary to be considered Market Acceptable and because of this, the coin will be graded as natural by the grading companies and not come back as artificially toned. Because of this, when we offer our opinion on the toning of a coin it will be based on weather the toning is considered Market Acceptable enough to receive a grade by the major grading companies and it will be labeled by us as Market Acceptable . If we feel that the toning is of a quality where it will be returned as Artificially Toned we will label it as Questionable

Book Value: The book value that we place on a coin will be based on the values contained in the PCGS Coin Price Guide for the coin being sold at the time of this offering and our placed grade on that coin.
If you looked at every raw toned coin on our site you would see that 99% of our raw toned coins are deemed to be Market Acceptable and the reason for this is when selecting raw coins to be sold we attempt to offer only Market Acceptable coins with tones and attributes similar to the tones seen in graded salable holders by PCGS, ANACS, NGC, ICG.  Occasionally though we will run across coins we feel toned coin lovers like you and our main customer base would be interested in and will offer them because they contain such a high level of eye appeal and beauty regardless of the fact they have little or no chance of being graded without being labeled as artificially toned. Our goal is to help our collectors find top of the line additions to your personal sets because you deserve the best color at very reasonable prices. As collectors ourselves we found that finishing a set can take countless years and brake the bank account. So we search far and wide to offer the most variety and best class coins on the market and we hope that you will agree.

This is a very beautiful toned Columbian Silver Half Dollar that is VERY RARE. With the level of toning exhibited on this coin and personally I don't think there are many specimens that have better eye appeal when you add in the exceptional toning this coin has. This is a must have coin for the Columbian Silver Half Dollar collector trying to build a Columbian Silver Half Dollar Collection piece by piece and the type of coin that can become a family heirloom. Act now as this coin wont last long.

Coin collecting is over a $10 Billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone, and world wide figure is over $100 Billion dollars a year. It is one of those hobbies that may not immediately pay dividends, but whose value is paid out fully in decades to come. It's a way to store wealth, it's patriotic, it's a way for a 70 year old grandparent. a 45 year old parent and their 7 year old kid to relate. You see coins transcend decades, centuries, and of course generations. Sets can become family heirlooms, a roll of coins or a few proof sets today very well may help pay for a family members college years from now. Why leave your family "cash" that can easily be blown on a whim, when you could leave a collection you have built piece by piece. Something your family can cherish for years to come, and if hard times come like they do so often the collection will provide a bit of security.