1909 VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny NGC Genuine Gem

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This is a 1909 Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Graded by NGC as Genuine. This is a very attractive coin with prominent colors of Brown and Gold on both the Obverse and the Reverse of this coin. This coin at this grade with the colorful toning is not only a visually pleasing Lincoln Cent but a welcome addition to any premium grade Lincoln Cent collection.

Type: Lincoln Cent
Year: 1909
Mint Mark: None
Face Value: 1 Cent
Total Produced: 27,995,000
Composition: 95% Copper 5% Zinc & Tin
Weight: 3.11 Grams 
Grading Company: NGC
Grade: Genuine
Current Book Value Of this Coin Without Toning $22.00

 This is a must have coin for the Lincoln Cent collector trying to build a Premium Lincoln Cent collection piece by piece and the type of coin that can become a family heirloom. Act now as this coin wont last long.

Coin collecting is over a $10 Billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone, and world wide figure is over $100 Billion dollars a year. It is one of those hobbies that may not immediately pay dividends, but whose value is paid out fully in decades to come. It's a way to store wealth, it's patriotic, it's a way for a 70 year old grandparent. a 45 year old parent and their 7 year old kid to relate. You see coins transcend decades, centuries, and of course generations. Sets can become family heirlooms, a roll of coins or a few proof sets today very well may help pay for a family members college years from now. Why leave your family "cash" that can easily be blown on a whim, when you could leave a collection you have built piece by piece. Something your family can cherish for years to come, and if hard times come like they do so often the collection will provide a bit of security.